Sounds & Guts

Creative and Production Team

Written & Performed by Tess Denman-Cleaver

Associate Director : Matthew Evans

Film & Installation : Taryn Edmonds

Sound : Tim Shaw

Production Manager : Paul Aziz


Sounds & Guts’ is a live collage of archive film, field recordings and collected stories of solitude; a solo performance that weaves together new writing with sound art and visual installation. Using radios, text, television sets, salt water and song, Sounds & Guts holds together the poetry of Stevie Smith, the character of Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver) and the life and death of Joyce Carol Vincent. It considers the fine line between being alone and being lonely, tells a labyrinthine tale about swimming too far out.

In the 1970s 17% of the UK’s population lived alone. Today it is 31%. Tender Buttons production asks ‘how do I know if I am alone or lonely? … and how long will it be until someone comes to find me?’


Sounds & Guts project also consisted of performance workshops with the Young Northumberland Pipers Group, Flodden Young Archeologists, East Amble Women’s Group and a number of dedicated local sea swimmers. Participants shared their own unique perspectives on the coastal landscapes and explored what being alone meant to them.


Sounds & Guts is a co-production with Queens Hall Arts Centre Hexham